About Waste é uma série de produtos em que o material principal é proveniente do desperdício industrial. São materiais que combinados com outros tomam uma nova vida.

A partir de desperdicio da tecnologia CNC e de cobertores de lã usados, este banco é estruturado em camadas aglomeradas por 6 eixos metálicos.
Ambos os materiais (placa de madeira e cobertores) são feitos na Holanda, uma vez que este projecto foi desenvolvido no ambito de uma residência artística que teve lugar em Eindhoven pela galeria contemporânea MU.

About waste is a series of products where the main material comes from industrial waste, the unwanted parts that come out of production lines. These materials are then combined with others to embody a renewed life.

From CNC waste boards and old used wool blankets this stool is structured in layers fused together with 6 metal axis.
Both the waste and the blankets are 'made in Holland' as this stool is a result of a project development period sponsored by an artistic residency at MU in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).


Companies using CNC router equipment got the attention, from drawings sent by a computer to a rotating tool using axis to cut boards. When a machine like this works to cut a specific board it needs an extra board to go under the board we are cutting from, this extra one is often called “sacrificial board”, this is needed because the table of the machine is usually metal and when there is the need to cut through a board the rotating tool needs the extra board to be there so that the metal table does not get “hurt” by it. All this to say that this “sacrificial board” is always a wasted board, something that after its use and suffering under the other boards goes to waste with no other use.


About Waste was presented during the Dutch Design Week as part of the group exhibition Made Out Portugal from 23/31 October 2010 at Smalle Haven in the city of Eindhoven, Holland.


About Waste esteve presente durante a Dutch Design Week na exposição colectiva do Made Out Portugal, entre 23 e 31 de Outubro de 2010 em Smalle Haven na cidade Holandesa de Eindhoven.